Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pat's Convention Note #14 of 100 things I learned from attending FIVE LITERARY CONFERENCES in 2014

#14. Scrivener: Rolling with the BIG dogs—I think. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m always late on the scene when it comes to trying something new. I didn’t realize how LATE I was until I sat in on a crash course on Scrivener at RWA. The workshop presenter asked how many authors use Scrivener to write their novels. It seemed like 75% of attendees’ hands went up. Then she wanted to know what was taking the rest of us that was still using Microsoft so long? Good question. So for the last three days, I’ve been trying out the Scrivener 30 day free trial that I downloaded from If I decide to buy Scrivener, it’s $40. Since I have a full length novel and a Christmas novella to write, I welcome anything that can maximize my writing. I’ve gone to YouTube a couple of times to watch tutorials, which have helped—and confused me. I’m learning by trial and error. I’ve been outlining Book 3 of the Carmen Sisters series. The big feature seems to be the index cards you can use on a corkboard. Today, I’ve labeled the 12 months of the year, so I would know where to begin my story; I’ve labeled dialogue that I didn’t want to forget; and I’ve labeled the must-have scenes in the story.A big draw for me is the research folder where I have placed info needed about my character’s occupation, lifestyle, etc. There is also an option that will help you set writing goals. I wouldn’t suggest trying this program in the middle of a project. But I think this might work for me. I’ll continue to add scenes and dialogue, then next week, I’ll begin to write. Let’s see if I can make my deadline!

I hope this post has been a blessing.