Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pat's Convention Note #5 of 100 things I learned from attending FIVE LITERARY CONFERENCES in 2014

#5. Readers, Reviews and THANKS. 
An author could never have too many reviews. I beg readers for them, either at signings, in the back of my book, or when readers email me—please post a review. But it seems most of the time, it doesn’t happen, still I try. While sitting in on Penny’s workshop at RWA, she described a marketing campaign for a new author who didn’t have a social media presence—nothing. No Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Strategy one was to have the author write a short note of heartfelt thanks to the readers for selecting her novel, then asked for them to post a review with a link. Okay, so I need to add a ‘THANK YOU’ page at the end of every novel—got it. That sounds reasonable. Next, Penny advised her client to respond to every review—positive or negative—with “thanks for giving me a try”, or something neutral. For some reason, that personal touch helped the woman’s book reviews to soar in the hundreds. Of course, writing a good book helps, but I thought, really? Who would have thought that a one-on-one with a reader would make more readers buy the book and post? It’s worth a try. If I can beg for reviews, then I ought to respond with a ‘THANK YOU’ to each and every one of them. Okay, I’m on it, beginning with my July 2014 reviews and on.

Don’t miss #6. Covers, covers, covers. We hear this all the time as authors that readers judge books by their covers, but in one workshop, the speaker tweaked one thing and her sales improved almost immediately.