Monday, September 15, 2014

Pat's Convention Note #15 of 100 things I learned from attending SIX LITERARY CONFERENCES in 2014

#15. This is a switch. Can you imagine agents/publishers chasing after you to offer you a book deal? This really does happen. If you have never heard of international bestselling author Bella Andre, my first question is, where have you been? Before I met this indie author at RWA, I read about her success. She brings in $20,000 a month—no exaggeration.  This woman is so bad that she had licensed the rights to a publisher to her print books while retaining her eBook rights, which garner hundreds of reviews. “Wow.”

Another super star (my description only, she would deny it) is NYT bestselling author Colleen Hoover who I met this past weekend at Penned Con. She did the exact same thing with one of her eBooks, licensing her rights on a print book. My mouth dropped and my eyes blurred when I saw several of her books with 1,000 plus reviews. Really? I thought only James Patterson and a handful of others hit the 1,000 and 2,000 reviews mark. I’m still trying to get to one-hundred on one of my eleven novels and twelve novellas. Okay, what is their secret? Write a good book, build a street team and promote. Colleen told me when she was an indie author; she is now a hybrid (traditionally published and self-published), the publishers came after her because her eBooks were doing so well, which basically meant, she had a fan base that posted reviews. These two are proof indie authors can be a force to reckon with.