Monday, August 11, 2014

Pat's Convention Note #7 of 100 things I learned from attending FIVE LITERARY CONFERENCES in 2014

#7. Links: Are the books listed on your website linked to Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, Googlebooks? Believe it or not, that is not enough to generate sales. While sitting in on a workshop at RWA, a speaker said if we don’t have links in the back of our eBooks to our other eBooks, especially the ones in a series, we are losing sales. Okay, I agreed with that. However, there was a slight—okay big problem for me. If I listed a Kobo link, Kindle wouldn’t accept the file, or if I listed an Amazon link, PubIt wouldn’t accept the file for Nook. My solution was to list my books, but not the links.
Wrong. For example, my latest eBook THE KEEPSAKE is available on Kindle. That means the document I uploaded to Kindle, should have Kindle links. The KEEPSAKE document I upload to Nook should have the Nook links, and so on for each site. This can be done by having a different last page for each document.
Yes, I hear you groaning. It’s a lot of work for some of us who haven’t been doing it. No more one size fits all anymore—at least not for me. We’re talking about leaving money on the table. Pass the collection plate please.
Also, I’m assuming my fellow authors are on all the eBook sites I listed above. If I missed any, please share.
Okay, in addition to the links in the back of your eBooks, your book covers should also have links to Pinterest (Pin it) and g+1.
Sorry for the delay in posting my tips, I’m not only writing, but trying to implement these tips as I go.

You don’t want to miss #8: Pinterest is open for BUSINESS--big business, and #9: FREE and pre-orders. Every indie author should give it a try.