Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pat's Convention Note #18 of 100 things I learned from attending SIX LITERARY CONFERENCES in 2014

#18. Are you where you’re supposed to be?
We’ve all heard that Smashwords is the one-stop shop for eBook authors. Well…almost except they don’t have inroads with Amazon and Googlebooks.
But there is one more place that is gaining speed in the eBook industry. At Penned Con, Mark Coker (Smashwords) said—and other have agreed—that Scribd.com’s subscription service will be just as popular with eBook as Netflix has been with movies. Really?
Authors have two choices to have books listed on Scribd.com. Here’s the link about information on their subscription service for authors to upload their eBooks directly. Am I the only one coming to the table late on this?
Of course, if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer than besides Smashwords, you can also go through Scribd’s other publishing partners—as they call themselves—INscribed Digital, BookBaby, or Draft2Digital. I briefly checked out these sites to find out what was it going to cost me and how much they were going to pay me. I noticed they were not all the same except when it came time to release payment…still quarterly. I should mention another site that seems to becoming popular is Bublish.com Mind you, in the world of eBooks, you can’t leave any stone unturned. Our books have to be EVERYWHERE, but are you ready for the subscription concept? You have your homework assignment, now get to researching!
I hope this post have been a blessing.

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